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The paper deals with the comparison of inhalational anesthesia using a fluoroethane-monooxide-oxygen mixture in apparatus-mask and endotracheal fashions in children during adenotomy. Children aged 4 to 15 years, who had un-dergone apparatus-mask (n = 51) and endotracheal (n = 57) anesthesia, were examined. The patients were divided into two age groups: 4-8 years and 8-15 years. The parameters of central hemodynamics, the data of cardiointerval-ograms, respiration rate, and Sat02 were studied. The studies were repeated 5 times for each patient at the stages of anesthesia and surgery. The use of inhalational fluroethane-monoxide-oxygen anesthesia in apparatus-mask and en-dotracheal fashions was found to be inadequate in children during adenotomy without addition of analgesics. In 4-8-year-old children, apparatus-mask fluoroethane-monooxide-oxygen anesthesia during surgery is ineffective, as shown by the data of central hemodynamics and cardiointervalography. The pain syndrome was observed in the postopera-tive period. Endotracheal fluoroethane-monooxide-oxygen anesthesia fails to ensure adequate analgesia during intu-bation and surgery. The pain syndrome and sympathicotony were seen in the postoperative period. In 8-15-year-old children, apparatus-mask fluoroethane-monooxide-oxygen anesthesia is characterized by prehypoxia and inadequate anesthesiological defense at the traumatic stage of an operation. In endotracheal fluoroethane-monooxide-oxygen an-esthesia, the stability of cardiac output is maintained by the tension of more mature compensatory mechanisms re-sponsible for regulation of central hemodynamics. A marked sympathicotony is noted at the traumatic stage of a sur-gery, as evidenced by cardiointervalography. There is motor agitation in the postoperative period.

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