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Recent technological advances in thoracic and tracheal surgery make the anaesthesiologist use different respiratory techniques during the operation. Apneic oxygenation is a one of alternative techniques. This method is relatively easy in use, does not require special expensive equipment and is the only possible technique in several clinical situations when other respiratory methods are undesirable or cannot be used. However there is no enough information about apneic oxygenation in Russian. This article reviews publications about apneic oxygenation. The review deals with experiments on diffusion respiration in animals, physiological changes during apneic oxygenation in man and defines clinical cases when apneic oxygenation can be used.


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For citation: Alekseev A.V., Vyzhigina M.A., Parshin V.D., Fedorov D.S. Apneic oxygenation. Anesteziologiya i Reanimatologiya 2013; 58 (5): 69-74. (in Russ.)


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