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Alcohol poisoning in children


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OBJECTIVE: To improve the results of treatment of children with severe alcohol poisoning as a result of investigation of water sectors of the body. METHODS: The study included 54 patients aged from 13 to 15 years with a diagnosis of acute severe alcohol poisoning. All patients were divided into three groups. At the initial examination was determined the concentration of alcohol in saliva using Express - test “Alkoskan.” Bioimpedance analysis was performed; water sectors of the body were investigated by analyzer of the balance of water sectors ABC - 01 “Medass.” The study was conducted at the time of admission, after 12, 24 and 48 hours. RESULTS: In severe alcohol poisoning at the time of admission, it was revealed a reduction of the fluid in all studied sectors. The most effective compensation of liquid was observed in groups, where was used combination therapy included intravenous fluids based 4.0 ml / kg / hour. CONCLUSION: The treatment of severe alcohol poisoning should include fluid resuscitation about 4 ml / kg / hour. This capacity of medical care give the ability to correct adequately the water-sectoral disturbances already in the first 12 hours of hospitalization, and the inclusion to the basic therapy reamberine can contribute more effective replenishment of water sectors.

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