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Vol 59, № 6 (2014)


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Effects of epidural anesthesia on stress-induced immune supression during major corrective spine surgery PDF
Ezhevskaya Anna A., Prusakova Zh.B., Maksimova L.P., Scholkina M.N., Balmusova E.A., Ovechkin A.M. 4-9
Effects of postoperative thoracic epidural analgesia on the frequency of postoperative atrial fibrillation in lung cancer surgery PDF
Alexin Aleksey A., Khoronenko V.E. 10-14
Regional anaesthesia in women with obesity in obstetrics and gynecology PDF
Ovechkin A.Yu., Pyregov Alexey V. 15-19
Correction of local anesthetic dosage for spinal anesthesia in pregnant women with obesity PDF
Marshalov Dmitriy Vasil'evich, Shifman E.M., Salov I.A., Petrenko A.P. 19-23
Oxidative stress in perioperative period of cesarean section PDF
Burlev A.V., Burlev V.A., Ilyasova N.A., Shifman E.M. 23-28


Assessment of prophylactics and treatment of blood loss in parturient with eclampsia PDF
Timokhova Svetlana Yu., Golubtsov V.V., Zabolotskikh I.B. 28-34
New oral anticoagulants for thromboprophylaxis and routine use of tranexamic acid after hip joint arthroplasty PDF
Zhirova Tatyana A., Lykov M.S., Zyryanov M.N., Babushkin V.N. 34-38
Autotransfusion of cord blood erythrocytes in newborns with malformations requiring early surgical intervention PDF
Titkov Konstantin V. 38-43


Hemodynamic effects of the alveolar recruitment maneuver in cardiosurgical patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction PDF
Bautin A.E., Mazurok V.A., Osovskikh V.V., Afanasyeva Karina Yu. 43-48
Efficiency of high-volume hemofiltration in patients with severe sepsis and intracranial hypertension PDF
Musaeva Tat’yana S., Berdnikov A.P., Goncharenko S.I., Denisova E.A. 48-51
Early diagnosis of Takayasu’s disease (clinical case report) PDF
Mel’nik Mariya V., Shilov A.M., Uvarovskaya B.V., Men’shikova I.V., Pak Yu.V. 52-56


Primary (idiopathic) pulmonary hypertension (Ayerza-Arrillaga syndrome) and pregnancy - intensive care and anesthesia management PDF
Guryanov Vladimir A., Tolmachev G.N. 56-60


Recombinant activated factor VII use for treatment of hemorrhagic syndrome in patients with thrombocytopenia PDF
Galstyan G.M., Kolosova I.V. 60-66
Exchange of iron in women with anemia and eclampsia (literary review, first part) PDF
Orlov Yu.P., Lukach V.N., Govorova N.V. 67-72
Anesthetic management of the infant with gastroschisis PDF
Teplyakova Olga V., Pyregov A.V., Zubkov V.V. 72-75
The methodology of therapeutic hypothermia in children bom in a state of asphyxia PDF
Antonov A.G., Ionov Oleg V., Kirtbaya A.R., Balashov E.N., Nikitina I.V., Ryndin A.Yu., Miroshnik E.V., Degtyarev D.N. 76-77


In honor of the 80th anniversary of Lushnikov E.A., academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences PDF

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