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Vol 60, № 1 (2015)


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Current opinion in analgesia and sedation according to clinical practice

Dexmedetomidine as a part of analgesic component of general anesthesia for laparoscopic operations PDF
Volkov Pavel A., Churadze B.T., Sevalkin S.A., Volkova Y.N., Guryanov V.A. 4-8
Comparison of sedation with dexmedetomidine and haloperidol in patients with delirium after fractures of the femur PDF
Konkayev A.K., Bekmagambetova N.V. 8-11
Predicting of postoperative pain level and morphine consumption by preoperative pressure pain assessment in patients before elective surgery PDF
Genov Pavel G., Smirnova O.V., Glushchenko N.S., Timerbaev V.H., Rebrova O.Yu. 11-16
Analgesia of labor in women with diabetes mellitus PDF
Neymark M.I., Kovalev Alexey I. 16-18
Background and perspectives of opioid analgesics for the treatment of chronic pain in cancer patients in Russia PDF
Abuzarova Guzal Rafailovna, Khoronenko V.E., Sarmanaeva R.R. 19-25
Clinical aspects of the service of acute postoperative pain treatment PDF
Voloshin Alexey G., Lyadov K.V., Kiryushin D.N., Mukutsa I.G., Serebryakov A.B. 25-29
Effect of prolonged epidural analgesia on lung function after major laparoscopic surgery PDF
Malyshev A.A., Sviridov S.V., Vedenina I.V. 30-33

Alternative methods of organs protection

Influence of remote ischemic preconditioning on brain injury markers dynamics during cardiopulmonary bypass PDF
Lomivorotov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Shmyrev V.A., Ponomarev D.N., Efremov S.M., Shilova A.N., Postnov V.G. 33-38
Effect of succinate containing solution on the level of metabolism during perioperative period in children PDF
Lazarev Vladimir V., Ermolaeva K.R., Kochkin V.S., Tsypin L.E., Popova T.G., Bologov A.A., Vaganov N.N. 38-41
Predictors of renal dysfunction and its correction in women with preeclampsia and alimentary obesity PDF
Tumanyan S.S., Tumanyan S.V., Rymashevski A.N. 42-44
Correlation between biochemical parameters of oxidative stress, endogenous intoxication and regulation of vascular tone in patients with burn injury PDF
Klychnikova Elena Valer’evna, Tazina E.V., Smirnov S.V., Spiridonova T.G., Zhirkova E.A., Borisov V.S., Godkov M.A. 45-49
Anaesthesia and intensive care during intraoperative intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy in patients with gastric cancer (literature review and own clinical experience) PDF
Khoronenko V.E., Shemetova Mariya M., Drozhzhina O.V., Khomyakov V.M., Sobolev D.D. 50-54
Optimization of infusion therapy in patients with ovarian cancer PDF
Tumanyan Sergey V., Yartseva D.V. 55-58
Comparison of pharmacological renal preconditioning with dalargin and lithium ions in the model of gentamycin-induced acute renal failure PDF
Cherpakov Rostislav A., Grebenchikov O.A., Plotnikov E.Ju., Likhvantsev V.V. 58-63

Monitoring and forecasting functions of organs

Monitoring of haemodynamics and function of the aortic prosthesis during transcatheter aortic valve replacement PDF
Margolina A.A., Gruzdev K.A., Imaev T.E., Lepilin M.G., Akchurin R.S. 63-66
Diagnostic opportunities of noninvasive brain thermomonitoring PDF
Cheboksarov Dmitriy V., Butrov A.V., Shevelev O.A., Amcheslavsky V.G., Pulina N.N., Buntina M.A., Sokolov I.M. 66-69
Microdialysis - a new method of monitoring of the transplanted cadaveric kidneys function PDF
Khubutia M.Sh., Zhuravel S.V., Kozlov I.A., Romanov A.A., Goncharova Irina Igorevna 69-72

Clinical guidelines

Intensive therapy of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (clinical guidelines) PDF
Kulikov A.V., Shifman E.M., Portnov I.G. 73-76


Congratulations to RAS Academician Leo Bokeria PDF
Congratulations to Professor Nadezhda Osipova PDF
Congratulations to RAS Corresponding MemberYuri Polushin PDF

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