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Vol 61, № 1 (2016)


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Assessment of liver function with transesophageal echocardiography heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass PDF
Sandrikov V.A., Dzeranova A.N., Fedulova S.V., Lokshin L.S., Karshieva A.R., Kulagina Tatiana Yu. 4-7
The influence of anaesthesia on perioperative values of aminoterminal fragment of the brain natriuretic peptide precussor in patient with postinfarction cardiosclerosis undergoing noncardiac surgery PDF
Sitkin Sergey I., Drugova I.K., Mazur E.S. 8-10
Analysis of the postoperative course of complex congenital heart diseases simultaneous correction with an open sternotomy in children during the first months of life PDF
Habibullin Il'dar Maratovich, Mironov P.I., Onegov D.V., Zaripova R.I., Nikolaeva I.E. 11-14
Causes and prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting after adenotonsillectomy in children during General anesthesia PDF
Tolasov Konstantin R. , Ostreykov I.F., Babaev B.D., Shishkov M.V. 15-18
The cognitive status dynamic of cardiosurgical patients and the predictors of its disturbance PDF
Klypa T.V., Antonov I.O., Vavakin A.S. 18-23
Characteristics of Combined Anesthesia with Epidural Componente depending on Vegetative Nervous System Type PDF
Gasanov Fuad Dzhalilovich, Aslanov A.A., Muradov N.F., Namazova K.N. 23-27


Features of fluid therapy in children with severe major trauma PDF
Pshenisnov Konstantin Viktirivich, Aleksandrovich Yu.S., Mironov P.I., Suhanov Yu.V., Kuzmin O.V., Blinov S.A., Kondin A.N. 28-32
Monitoring of hemodynamics in the choice of intensive therapy in the operated infants PDF
Stepanenko S.M., Afukov Ivan Igorevich, Sitnikova M.I. 33-36
Simultaneous measurement of intraventricular and parenchymal intracranial pressure in patients with severe trauma brain injury PDF
Oshorov Andrey Vasil’evich, Popugaev K.A., Savin I.A., Potapov A.A. 37-39
Mikaminom antifungal therapy in newborns and infants with surgical pathology PDF
Melnikova Natalia Ivanovna, Strogonov I.A., Kartseva E.V., Haritonova G.D., Gliznutsin O.E., Gabulaev S.V., Pulikova E.M. 40-43
Mechanisms of small intestine motor disorders during endotoxemia and pathophysiological rationale for the use of tributyrine as antiinflammatory and prokinetic pharmaconutrient PDF
Tropskaya Natalia Sergeevna, Kislyakova E.A., Popova T.S. 43-47


Anesthesia during the separation of the fetus in fetu in a 2 days-life child with accompanying non-corrected critical congenital heart disease (CHD) PDF
Agavelyan Erik Garnikovich, Svarinskaya E.M., Ovchinnikov S.V. 47-51
The use of 20% lipofundin infusions at the appearance of toxic properties of ropivacaine 2 mg/ml in child 1.5 months at the postoperative period with epidural analgesia PDF
Sichkar’ Svetlana Yur ’evna, Afukov I.I., Koshko O.V., Yeliseeva N.V. 51-54


Peculiarities of anesthesia and mechanical ventilation in children with surgical pathology and related congenital heart defects PDF
Svarinskaya E.M., Agavelyan Erik Garnikovich, Khilikhnyov A.V. 54-57
The diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy in cardiac patients undergoing mechanical ventilation in the postoperative period PDF
Titova Irina V. , Khrustaleva M.V., Eremenko A.A., Babaev M.A. 57-62


Diagnostics and intensive therapy of acute respiratory distress syndrome. FAR’s clinical guidelines PDF
Gritzan A.I., Yaroshetzkiy A.I., Vlasenko A.V., Gavrilin S.V., Gel’fand B.R., Zabolotskikh I.B., Eremenko A.A., Zil’ber A.P., Kassil’ V.L., Kirov M.Yu., Kolesnichenko A.P., Lebedinskiy K.M.., Leyderman I.N., Mazurok V.A., Moroz V.V., Neymark M.I., Nikolaenko E.M., Protzenko D.N., Rudnov V.A., Sadchikov D.V., Sadritdinov M.A., Solodov A.A., Khrapov K.N., Tzarenko S.V. 62-70


Holding objective structured clinical examinations for anesthesiology and intensive care clinical residency in state graduates certification PDF
Schegolev Alexey Valerianovich, Andreenko A.A., Ershov E.N., Lahin R.E., Makarenko E.P. 71-74


The memory of Raisa Ivanovna Novikova PDF
The memory of Aleksandr Iosifovich Saltanov PDF
The memory of Stanislav Valerianovich Obolenskiy PDF


Chronicle PDF

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