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Vol 61, № 2 (2016)

DOI: 10.18821/0201-7563-2016-61-2

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Predicting, possible ways to reduce and correction of massive intraoperative blood loss in spinal tumor surgery PDF
Solenkova A.V., Lubnin Andrey Yu., Imaev A.A., Konovalov N.A., Tissen T.P., Asyutin D.S., Dzyubanova N.A., Korolishin V.A., Martynova M.A. 84-90
Infusion therapy in reconstructive maxillofacial surgery PDF
Zajcev A.Ju., Dubrovin K.V., Svetlov V.A. 90-95
Entropy monitoring during low-flow inhalation anesthesia - a tribute to fashion or necessity? PDF
Gorban’ V.I., Shchegolev A.V., Kharitonov D.A. 95-100
Inhospital transport of patients in acute period of severe isolated traumatic brain injury with multimodal monitoring PDF
Matskovskiy Igor V., Polupan A.A., Savin I.A., Goryachev A.S., Oshorov A.V., Sychev A.A., Krylov K.Yu., Anan'ev E.P. 100-104
Role of vagoinsular and enterk endocrine systems in acute gastroduodenal erosion and ulcers formation in severe combined traumatic brain injury depending on the combination of damage PDF
Alyev Fazil Ikram oqlu 105-108
Brain natriuretic peptide as a marker of severity of patient’s condition after severe traumatic brain injury PDF
Sychev Alexandr A. , Savin I.A., Goryachev A.S., Tenedieva V.D., Oshorov A.V., Polupan A.A., Gavrilov A.G., Potapov A.A. 108-112
Polyneuropathy in critically ill children with infectious diseases PDF
Voytenkov Vladislav B., Klimkin A.V., Skripchenko N.V., Vil’nits A.A., Konev A.I., Ivanova G.P. 112-115
Positive endexpiratory pressure (peep) influences on intracranial pressure, systemic hemodynamics and pulmonary gas exchange in patients with intracranial hemorrhage in critical state PDF
Solodov Alexandr A., Petrikov S.S., Krylov V.V. 115-120
Balanced multimodal analgesia in gynecologic oncology PDF
Bayalieva A.Zh., Khusainova I.I., Berdnikova E.A., Garipova G.H. 121-123
Diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy in patients undergoing cardiac surgery in intra- and postoperative periods PDF
Titova Irina V. , Khrustaleva M.V., Pshenichnyy T.A., Aksel’rod B.A., Eremenko A.A., Bogomolova N.S., Kuznetsova S.M. 124-127
Role of anesthesiologist in chronic pain management PDF
Timerbaev V.Kh., Genov Pavel G. 128-130


Fast track concept in modern neuroanesthesiology PDF
Kulikov A.S., Lubnin Andrey Yu. 130-137
Autonomic nervous system and its imbalance in neuro intensive care unit PDF
Popugaev Konstantin A., Lubnin A.Yu., Zabelin M.V., Samoylov A.S. 137-142


Non-convulsive epileptic seizure in patient with delayed awakening after supratentorial tumor removal PDF
Aver’yanov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich, Lukash A.A., Prokudin M.Yu., Skiba Ia.B., Shchegolev A.V. 143-146
Intensive therapy of the patient with viral-bacterial pneumonia, prolonged ventilation (137 days) and tracheoesophageal fistula (clinical case) PDF
Sapicheva Yu.Yu., Skripkin Yu.V., Zhgulev D.A., Prishchepo M.I., Likhvantsev V.V. 147-150
Muscle weakness with no signs of polyneuropathy in patients with prolonged disturbance of consciousness. case report PDF
Kondrat’eva Ekaterina A., Kondrat’ev S.A., Ivanova N.E. 151-154
Hypothermia influences on oxygen tension in the brain parenchyma in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage PDF
Abudeev S.A., Popugaev Konstantin A., Kruglyakov N.M., Belousova K.A., Terekhov D.A., Leushin K.Yu., Aronov M.S., Karpova O.V., Zelenkov A.V., Kiselev K.V., Fedin A.B., Zabelin M.V., Samoylov A.S. 155-158

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