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Adjuvant energy protection with reamberin in practice of intensive care and resuscitation: metaanalysis data about effectiveness (systematic review)


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The aim: a synthesis of evaluations of Reamberin's clinical efficacy as energy protector for the results of a meta-analysis of published data obtained during controlled clinical studies with the same design and a high level of evidence. Materials and methods. To estimate succinic acid based remedy for infusions (reamberin), the meta-analysis was undertaken with data of reamberin use in intensive care, resuscitation departments, in critical post surgery period, in oncology (multiple chemotherapy of tumors), in emergent toxicology and pediatrics. 32 controlled randomized trials and all together 6221 patients were included. Results. Unified indicators of clinical efficiency were systemically and thoroughly processed with advanced statistic tools, resulting data were sufficient for association and assessment of their heterogeneity in different articles. The adjuvant effects of reamberin were proven, as good outcome frequency enlarged more than by 25%, absolute and relative treatment benefits increased more than by 50%, positive outcome chance grew twice and more. Conclusions. According to sensitivity analysis and this meta-analysis results reamberin may be positioned as adjuvant energetic protector valid to improve effectiveness ofpharmacologic correction during the treatment of emergencies joint with hypoxia, energy deficiencies and vegetative disregulations.

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