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Vol 61, № 5 (2016)


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Clinical aspects of the blood lactate dynamics during operations on the heart and the aorta in conditions of cardiopulmonary bypass PDF
Trekova Nina A. , Akselrod B.A., Yudichev I.I., Gus’kov D.A., Markin A.V., Popov A.M. 324-329
Continuous hemoglobin monitoring using pulse co-oximetry in cardiac surgery PDF
Len’kin Pavel I. , Smetkin A.A., Husseyn A., Fot E.M., Len’kin A.I., Paromov K.V., Ushakov A.A., Krygina M.A., Kirov M.Yu. 329-334
A comparison of two approaches for intraoperative levosimendan administration in cardiac surgical patients with severe left ventricle dysfunction PDF
Pasyuga Vadim V. , Belov S.I., Yusupova E.S., Adzhigaliev R.R., Berezhnoy S.A., Panov O.S., Tarasov D.G., Yavorovsky A.G. 334-338
Clinical significance of cardiac biomarkers increasing and their interrelations in surgery with cardio-pulmonary bypass PDF
Kozlov Igor A. , Timerbaev V.Kh., Chumakov M.V. 339-344
The role of intestine ischemia in metabolic disorders during the aortic clamping above the celiac trunk PDF
Novikova O.V., Yavorovsky Andrey G. , Komarov R.N., Zhidkov I.L., Popov A.M., Poljulina N.V. 344-348
Pharmacological postconditioning by sevoflurane during cardiac surgery PDF
Grishin Anton V. , Yavorovsky A.G., Charchyan E.R., Fedulova S.V., Charnaya M.A. 348-352


The critical incidents in the combined anesthesia during major abdominal surgery in eldery and older patients: role preoperative level of wakefulness PDF
Veyler R.V., Musaeva T.S., Trembach N.V., Zabolotskikh Igor B. 352-356
Combined spinal-paravertebral anesthesia in total hip arthroplasty PDF
Koriachkin Victor A. , Liskov M.A., Maltsev M.P., Mohanna M.I. 357-360
Postresuscitation cicatricial tracheal stenosis. Current state of the problem - the successes, the hopes and disappointments PDF
Parshin Vladimir D. , Vyzhigina M.A., Rusakov M.A., Parshin V.V., Titov V.A., Starostin A.V. 360-366
Indications for respiratory support at patients with stroke and nosocomial pneumonia PDF
Nedorostkova T.Yu., Eliseev Evgeny V. 367-372
Using a visual analogue scale for assessing the severity of pain syndrome after cesarean section, depending on the method of anesthesia PDF
Nedashkovsky E.V., Sedykh Sergey V. , Zakurdaev E.I. 372-376
Practice of clinical nutrition in pediatric intensive care units: results of the “nutriped-2015” research PDF
Lekmanov Andrey U. , Erpuleva Yu.V., Suvorov S.G. 376-380


Support lung ventilation in complex of anestetic management during high traumatic operations in vascular surgery PDF
Bukarev Alexey E. , Subbotin V.V., Il’in S.A., Sizov V.A., Kamnev S.A., Sitnikov A.V. 380-385


Modern aspects of the safe use of extension QT interval medicines PDF
Shikh E.V., Ismagilov Artur D. , Dorofeeva M.N., Sizova Zh.M. 386-390
Review of the current methods of respiratory support for tracheal surgery PDF
Alekseev Aleksander V. , Vyzhigina M.A., Parshin V.D., Titov V.A., Zhukova S.G. 391-395
The role pleiotropic effects of calcium channel blocker lercanidipine in perioperative therapy of arterial hypertension PDF
Melnik Maria V. , Afonicheva I.I., Beloborodova A.V. 395-398


In memory of Viktor Nikolaevich Tsybulyak (the 80th anniversary of birthday ) PDF

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