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Diagnostics and correction of thrombohemorrhagic disorders in patients with giant uterine myoma at the perioperative stage of treatment


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The aim of the study was to reduce perioperative blood loss in patients with giant uterine myoma. As a result of studies have provided evidence that the use of antifibrinolytic therapy as intravenous infusion of tranexamic acid for 30 minutes before the surgery in a dose of 20 mg/kg followed by infusion of 5 mg/kg per hour for the first postoperative day, helped to reduce perioperative blood loss by 29%. Hemoglobin level was higher by 10% (p < 0,05), blood loss was lower by 29% (p < 0,05), the length of stay in hospital was reduced by 24% (p < 0,05) in patients of the second group on the second postoperative day.

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