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Anaesthesia during operations on the lower extremities at patients with complicated diabetes mellitus


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Diabetes mellitus type 2 morbidity has increased significantly in recent years. In spite of substantial advances in anesthesiology in past 25 years, there are no commonly used criteria in choosing anaesthetic techniques in these patients during lower limb surgery. The main risk factors in these patients are the most often complications of diabetes such as cardiovascular system diseases, polyneuropathia, nephropathia and retinopathia. Surgical stress-response is generally considered as a trigger of organ and systems dysfunctions and one of the main reasons of the postoperative complications high rate. The best anaesthetic techniques are those preventing or decreasing surgical stress response. The necessity of optimizing the approach to the choice of perioperative anesthetic management of these patients determines the increasing interest in this issue. The objective of this review was to trace the evolution of the approach to the choice of perioperative analgesia methods in diabetic patients during lower limb surgery over the past 10-15 years.

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