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Vol 62, № 1 (2017)


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Comparison of emergence and recovery characteristics of sevoflurane and desflurane in pediatric ambulatory surgery PDF
Isakov Alexandr V., Paponov O.N., Agavelyan E.G., Stepanenko S.M. 4-6
The predictive significance of a Mallampati Samsoon & Young score at operations in nose and nasopharynx at children PDF
Ivlev Evgeniy V., Grigor'ev E.V., Zhdanov V.V., Zhdanov R.V., Yulin A.A. 6-9
Intraoperative need for glucose in newborns PDF
Kucherov Yu.I., Nasser M.M., Zhirkova Yuliya V. 10-13
Protocol. Nutrition therapy of critically ill children PDF
Shmakov A.N., Aleksandrovich Yu.S., Stepanenko Sergey M. 14-23
Extravascular lung water is a predictor of development of multiple organ failure in children with severe burn injury PDF
Lekmanov Andrey U. , Azovskiy D.K., Pilyutik S.F., Abramova V.M. 23-28
Effect of solutions based on tricarbonic acid cycle substrates on temperature rates in children during anesthesia PDF
Aleksandrovich Yu.S., Pshenisnov Konstantin V., Krasnosel'skiy K.Yu., Yur'ev O.V., Blinov S.A. 28-32


Evacuation of patients with respiratory failure on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation PDF
Shchegolev A.V., Shelukhin Daniil A., Ershov E.N., Pavlov A.I., Golomidov A.A. 32-35
Application of apneic oxygenation in tracheal surgery PDF
Alekseev Aleksandr V., Vyzhigina M.A., Bunyatyan A.A., Parshin V.D., Titov V.A., Lavrinenko V.Yu. 35-38
Comparative aspects of respiratory support via laringeal air ducts and endotracheal tube for video-assisted onkothoracic operations PDF
Zhikharev Vasiliy A., Malyshev Yu.P., Porkhanov V.A. 38-42
Electrical impedance tomography of the lungs in the practice of the anesthesiologist PDF
Aksel'rod Boris A., Pshenichnyy T.A., Titova I.V. 43-46
Correction parameters of respiratory support in endoscopic resection of the stomach in patients with the morbid obesity PDF
Neymark M.I., Kiselev Roman V., Shmelev V.V. 46-50
Anesthesiological problems in surgery of the head and neck tumors (lecture) PDF
Osipova N.A., Reshetov I.V. 51-53


Epidural anesthesia in a patient with lung aplasia and skeleton deformation undergoing abdominal hysterectomy: a case report PDF
Kasatkin Anton A., Nigmatullina A.R., Vorozhtsova A.A., Matveeva E.L., Martyshko I.G. 54-56
Anesthetic management of delivery in patients with complement-associated disorders. Clinical observation of a pregnant woman with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria PDF
Upryamova Ekaterina Y., Golovin A.A., Shifman E.M. 56-60


Efficiency and safety of bilateral ultrasound rectus sheath block in urgent laparotomy PDF
Lovkov I.A., Uvarov Denis N., Antipin E.E., Ushakov A.A., Karpunov A.A., Nedashkovsky E.V. 60-63
Treatment of chylothorax - anesthesiological or surgical problem? PDF
Parshin Vladimir D. , Vyzhigina M.A., Bunyatyan A.A., Parshin A.V., Zhukova S.G. 63-68
Clinical aspects of glycemic monitoring and contol in patients in the early postoperative period PDF
Nikoda Vladimir V., Lishova E.A., Aleshin M.A., Shestakov L.A., Tskhovrebov A.T., Tarasova I.A. 69-73
Prediction of various forms of postoperative acute liver failure PDF
Sin’kov Sergey V., Zhilin I.V., Zabolotskikh I.B. 73-76
Polymorphism of collection, transfusion and effectiveness of donor platelets concentrates PDF
Gubanova M.N., Ayupova R.F., Zhiburt Eugene B. 77-79


Molchanov Igor' Vladimirovich (to the 70th anniversary of birthday) PDF
Ostreykov Ivan Fedorovich (to the 75th anniversary of birthday) PDF
Vasil'kov Valeriy Grigor'evich (to the 75th anniversary of birthday) PDF

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