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Application of apneic oxygenation in tracheal surgery


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Background: The tracheal surgery is associated with opening of airways and historically used different methods of maintaining gas exchange: System "shunt-breathing", the injection ventilation, high frequency jet ventilation and even artificial circulation. In recent years increased the interest of use of apneic oxygenation (AO). The aim: to study the impact of the application of AO on the gas exchange, acid-base balance of arterial blood, in patients undergoing reconstructive surgery on the trachea and bronchi with AO. Materials and Methods: The study included 130 patients with stenotic disease of the trachea, operated in the period from 2011 to 2014 using AO. Results: Application of AO provides a high level of oxygenation and is accompanied by a moderate increase in pCO2 level and the development of acidosis. Hypercarbia and acidosis were not accompanied with hemodynamic disturbances on ECG, heart rate and invasive measurement of blood pressure at high values of pO2.

Для цитирования: Алексеев А.В., Выжигина М.А., Бунятян А.А., Паршин В.Д., Титов В.А., Лавриненко В.Ю. Применение потоковой апноэтической оксигенации в хирургии трахеи. Анестезиология и реаниматология. 2017; 62(1): 35-38. DOI: http://dx.doi. org/10.18821/0201-7563-2017-62-1-35-38

For citation: Alekseev A.V., Vyzhigina M.A., Bunyatyan A.A., Parshin V.D., Titov V.A., Lavrinenko V.Yu. Application of apneic oxygenation in tracheal surgery. Anesteziologiya i Reanimatologiya (Russian Journal of Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology) 2017; 62(1): 35-38. DOI:


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