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Vol 21, № 5 (2016)


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Myocardial dysfunction at sepsis PDF
Muzdubaeva Bagdagul' Toleukhanovna 293-299


Aneurysms of the descending thoracic and thoracoabdominal aorta: results of open surgeries PDF
Arakelyan V.S., Papitashvili Vasil Georgievich 300-305
Medical aspects and economic efficience of combined surgeries PDF
Timerbulatov V.M., Timerbulatov Makhmud Vilevich, Mekhdiev D.I., Timerbulatov Sh.V., Smyr R.A., Khabirov D.M., Vagapov A.A. 306-311
The choice of femoropopliteal bypass surgery below the knee joint gap PDF
Sukovatykh B.S., Belikov L.N., Sukovatykh M.B., Sidorov D.V. 312-320


Right coronary artery dissection in a patient with redo aortic valve surgery PDF
Titov D.A., Amiragov Roman Ivanovich, Vartanov P.V., Khramchenkov A.G. 321-323
Surgical treatment of left ventricular post-infarction aneurysm of the postero-basal localization in the parallel perfusion PDF
Zhelikhazheva Madina Vladimirovna, Merzlyakov V.Yu. 324-328


Anesthesiology and intensive care at the surgical clinic of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University: achievements and prospects PDF
Gel'fand Boris Romanovich, Babayants A.V., Belotserkovskiy B.Z., Gel'fand E.B., Ignatenko O.V., Kirienko P.A., Lapshina I.Yu., Linev D.V., Magomedov M.A., Mamontova O.A., Popov T.V., Protsenko D.N., Yaroshetskiy A.I. 329-342

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