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The combined endoscopic hemostasis with the use of EndoClot in patients with gastroduodenal bleedings of ulcer etiology


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Objective. To study the efficacy and safety of the new topical hemostatic powder EndoClot (approved for use in gastroduodenal ulcer bleeding) in combination with conventional methods of endoscopic hemostasis. Material and methods. The pilot prospective clinical study included 35 patients with gastroduodenal bleeding ulcer etiology, who were in our hospital from June 2015 to July 2016. The combined endoscopic hemostasis with the use of EndoClot was executed. Results. Primary hemostasis was reached at 34 patients (97.1%), bleeding recurrence developed in 4 (11.4%) observations, operational activity was 8.6% (3 of 35 cases), the postoperative mortality was absent. Combined endoscopic hemostasis using EndoClot proved to be more effective for bleeding caused by acute than chronic ulcers. Conclusion. This study shows that EndoClot can be used as a safe and effective hemostatic agent in treatment of patients with gastroduodenal bleedings ulcer etiology.

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