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The aim of the work is to improve the results of the surgical treatment of congenital ovarian cysts in newborns. Material and methods. From 1982 to 2017, 147 newborns with simple ovarian cysts were treated at the clinic. The main diagnostic method was clinical - ultrasound. Two groups of patients were compared: with access according to Pfannenstiel incision and paraumbilical access. The technology of surgical intervention with paraumbilical access is described in detail. Results. In comparative studies, the benefits of parumbilical access are fully in line with the requirements of modern “open” pediatric surgery for the removal of ovarian cysts (OC) in newborns. There was noted a unique feature of the torsion of simple congenital OK: the emerging ischemia of the cysts leads only to the development of aseptic necrosis without purulent-inflammatory changes in the cyst itself and the adhesive process around. Conclusion. Para-umbilical access during surgical removal of OC may be an alternative to laparoscopic when the latter can not be used. Bearing in mind the torsion of most simple OC to occur in the antenatal period, as well as the asymptomatic course of the disease in the neonatal period, we consider it necessary to operate children with this pathology in the first 2 days after birth.

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