Editor-in-chief of the Hygiene and sanitation journal

(Gigiena i Sanitariia)

Yuri A. Rahmanin, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

MD, Ph.D., professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Director of the Sysin Institute, Head of the Division of Environmental Health, Chairman of the Scientific Council for Human Ecology and Environmental Health of the Russian Federation, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of water sciences, the Russian Ecological Academy, the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, the International Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of Informatization, International Academy of Sciences on Nature and Society, the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions, the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture, President of the International Association “Water-Health-Environment”, the honorary president of the Eurasian Water Center (Astana, Kazakhstan).

In 1966 he defended his candidate thesis on “Isomers naphthol in the problem of sanitary protection of water bodies, their comparative hygienic sanitary-toxicological assessment” in 1980 – doctoral thesis “Hygienic bases distillation desalination for potable water supply.”

The main research focus:

Theoretical and practical aspects of human ecology and environmental hygiene, water hygiene and its role in shaping the health of the population, which gained recognition at the international level, including as an expert of the World Health Organisation. The results of his research have expressed a priority.

Academician Rakhmanin is a founder of a new scientific field of hygiene – an artificially produced desalinated drinking water. There are number of studies devoted to the water supply spacecraft and crews of the Navy, the methodology hygienic regulation and biomedical research in the field of human ecology and environmental health, as well as the methodological basis of risk assessment the influence of environmental factors on human health.

Academician Rakhmanin has made a significant contribution to the development of scientific bases for: modern criteria, indicators and standards for drinking water quality; artificial groundwater recharge; improve the barrier function of water treatment facilities and devices, creating multi-functional air-conditioning technology in water quality, the methodology of the study of the influence of the quality of drinking water, its chemical, including macro- and microelement, the composition of the state of health of the population. He was a head of the research work on the study of patterns of disinfection, purification and conditioning of drinking water quality by using energy-water treatment technologies.

Academician Rakhmanin is an author of 8 scientific discoveries, 26 monographs, 8 manuals, 18 books, 6 textbooks for medical schools, more than 30 patents and inventions, more than 70 documents of sanitary legislation, more than 900 scientific papers.


the USSR State Committee on Science and Technology (1976), Award of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1988), Chizhevsky Prize (1998) and Ryazanov Prize (1999), Thanks of the Russian Federation President (2003), Pavlov Honour Pin in Silver. The International Council for Scientific Development, The International Academy of Science (2007), the International Prize in Medicine, the health industry and save the environment – “Profession-Life” with a badge and a certificate “Public Recognition” (2007), honorary title “Scientist of the Year – 2012” etc.

Rahmanin Yu.A. is a reviewer for the journals “Ecological Bulletin of Russia”, “Emergency Medicine”, “Natural Sciences Herald”, “Bulletin of the St. Petersburg gosmedakademii”, “Human Ecology”, “Siberia-East”, the international journal “Chemistry and technology of water”, “Biosphere” , «EnvironmentandHealth».
e-mail: info@sysin.ru