The history of the journal “Hygiene and Sanitation” is inextricably linked with the development of sanitary-epidemiological services in Russia.
September 15, 1922 People’s Commissars of the RSFSR adopted a decree “On the sanitary authorities of the Republic”, main tasks of sanitary-epidemiological service was created and installed. This day is the day of establishment of sanitary-epidemiological service in Russia. The journal “Hygiene and Sanitation” was established in the same year. This Decree was entered office sanitary inspectors “for total sanitation”, “epidemic cases” and “health statistics”, as well as the post of “health assistant”. The image of “sanitary and epidemic subdivisions” and “health tips” in provincial and district towns. The main objectives are: “sanitary protection of water, air and soil,” “sanitary protection dwellings”, “sanitary protection of food products”, “organization of anti-epidemic measures,” “organization of the fight against social diseases”, “children’s health”, “health statistics “,” health education “,” participation in matters of health safety and the common organization of the medical-care business, “prescribes the need of preventive work of doctors and medical profile (county, rural, Medic). (According to Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia)