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Fundamentally new electromagnetic pollution and the lack of adequate regulatory framework – on the risk assessment (analysis of modern domestic and foreign data)


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On the base of the study of the numerous experimental and epidemiological studies electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of mobile communications were found to adversely affect on the health of the population. Analysis of the influence of radio frequency (RF) radiation from mobile phones (MPs) on the brain of users showed that this organ body is most exposed to this radiation, especially in children. As a result of the performed research there were recorded functional changes in children – MPs users: undue fatiguability (39.7% ), decreased performance in the school and at home (50.7 %), weakening of the stability of voluntary attention (productivity - 14.3 %, accuracy 19 4%) and semantic memory (accuracy - 19.4% increase in the time - 30.1 %). In addition, a marked change in the rate of auditory- motor response (55.5 % ), and disturbances of phonemic perception have been noted. The existing legal framework on the influence of EMR on human health was shown not fully to meet the hygiene requirements in connection with the absence of her normative parameters which determine the impact of complicately modulated radiation from MPs and base stations. The need for additional research on the influence of the modulated RF EMR on the human body and creation of a regulatory framework taking into account the sum of biological effects, especially on the critical organ of human – brain is substantiated by the author. When creating a regulatory framework it must be taken into account the scientific beliefs on the possible development of long-term brain pathologies under the combined effect of EMF, especially in children.


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