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Lifestyle of the students of specialized educational institutions and lyceum


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The results of the survey indicate that students of the specialized educational institution have grown in less favorable conditions than lyceum students, they often brought up in single-parent (45% vs. 26%), large (34% vs. 14%) families, their parents are less likely to have higher education. Lifestyle of the parents of students of specialized educational institution is more “unhealthy” than in families of lyceum students: parents drink alcohol 1.8 times more frequently, the prevalence of smoking among mothers was 24 times more. Among students of the specialized educational institution one in five (21%) had the experience of tobacco smoking, among lyceum students - only every 25 (4.0%), alcohol use is common in 24% of pupils and 6% of lyceum students, 7.1% of students irregularly use drugs, among lyceum students there was no such children. Irrational mode of the day was more common among lyceum students: they less frequently rate their health as good (61% vs. 76%), had more complaints about their health, as well as more often experience a fatigue after training sessions (40% versus 26%) and difficulty in falling asleep.

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