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Biochemical effects of chronic peroral administration of carbon nanotubes and activated charcoal in drinking water in rats


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Chronic 6-month experiment was carried out in rats, which received drinking water with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), diameter of 15 - 40 nm, length > 2 mkm) or activated charcoal (AC, diameter of 10 - 100 mkm), blood samples of the animals were usedfor assessment of biochemical markers. Both coal compounds induced the appearance of signs of oxidative stress 2 weeks after the beginning of the experiment and alteration of serum markers of liver and renal damage, as well as changes of cortisol and protein serum concentrations later. Thus, despite of known high (asbest-like) inhalation toxicity of carbon nanotubes in comparison with other carbon allotrops (fallerenes and black carbon), we have found similar effects of MWCNTs and carbon microparticles in orally treated rats.

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