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Vol 93, № 6 (2014)


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Table of Contents

Problem-Solving Articles

The urgent problems of the improvement of the environment management system based on the analysis of health risk assessment PDF
Avaliani S.L., Novikov S.M., Shashina T.A., Dodina N.S., Kislitsin V.A., Mishina A.L. 5-8
Approaches of European and Russian legislation in the field of management of medical waste PDF
Samutin N.M., Butorina N.N., Kobzev N.S., Ustinov A.K., Rusakov N.V. 9-13
Scientific substantiation of hygienic criteria for sanitary-epidemiological assessment of chemical water disinfectants PDF
Tulskaya E.A., Zholdakova Z.I., Mamonov R.A. 13-17
Environmental pollution by products of wear and tear automobile-road complex PDF
Levanchuk A.V. 17-21

Hygiene of the environment and localities

Hygienic characteristics of the quality of underground drinking water in oil-producing areas PDF
Suleymanov R.A., Valeev T.K., Rakhmatullin N.R., Nigmatullin I.M., Gaysin A.A. 21-23
Neuropsychic development in preschool children in conditions of the informatization PDF
Tkachuk E.A., Tarmaeva I.Yu. 23-26
The content of heavy metals in soils of the Yamal peninsula and the Bely Island PDF
Tomashunas V.M., Abakumov E.V. 26-31
Features of the dynamics of the state of health of the population residing near fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF
Sraubaev E.N., Kulov D.B., Aytmagambetova S.S., Serik B., Erdesov N.Zh. 32-36

Preventive toxicology and hygienic rating

Rationale for the permissible level of carbon dioxide in indoor air in residential and public buildings with the permanent human presence PDF
Gubernskiy Yu.D., Kalinina Natalya V., Gaponova E.B., Banin I.M. 37-41
On the rating of Helicobacter pylori in drinking water PDF
Fedichkina Tayana P., Solenova L.G., Zykova I.E. 42-46
Study of cytogenetic and cytotoxic effect of non-contact electrochemically-activated waters in the five organs of rats PDF
Sycheva L.P., Mikhaylova R.I., Belyaeva N.N., Zhurkov V.S., Yurchenko V.V., Savostikova O.N., Alekseeva A.V., Krivtsova E.K., Kovalenko M.A., Akhal’tseva L.V., Shetemet’eva S.M., Yurtseva N.A., Murav’eva L.V., Kamenetskaya D.B. 46-51
Methodical approaches to the substantiation of hygienic requirements for the application of deicing materials PDF
Kryatov I.A., Tonkopiy N.I., Vodyanova M.A., Rusakov N.V., Doneryan L.G., Evseeva I.S., Ushakov D.I., Matveeva I.S., Vorobeva O.V., Tsapkova N.N. 52-54
The combined effect of lead and zinc on the embryonic development of laboratory rats PDF
Beletskaya E.N., Onul N.M. 55-59

Assessment of health risks

Designing of laboratories is crucial for the management of biorisks in the work with pathogenic biological agents PDF
Dobrokhotskiy O.N., Mushchak I.P., Kirpichenkov A.B., Dyatlov I.A., Zar’kov K.A. 59-61
Comparative analysis of the incidence of toxocariasis in 2011-2012 PDF
Maksimova M.S., Maniya T.R. 61-62
Features of local variants of population health in the territory of Irkutsk region according to indices of risk for morbidity PDF
Prusakov Aleksandra V., Prusakova V.M. 63-68

Sanitary and Hygiene Monitoring

Scientific substantiation of perfection of sanitary bacteriological monitoring in drinking water use PDF
Rakhmanin Yu.A., Zhuravlevl P.V., Aleshnya B.B., Panasovets O.P., Artemova T.Z., Zagaynova A.V., Gipp E.K. 68-72
Monitoring and assessment contamination of toxic elements food in Tatarstan PDF
Frolova O.A., Karpova M.V., Makhmutova I.P., Musin R.A. 72-75


Prevention of pyloric H. pylori infection is the actual problem of modern preventive health care PDF
German S.V., Zykova I.E., Modestova A.V. 76-78
«Big Data» - The progress of hygiene science and practice: evaluation of child and adolescent health in Russian regions PDF
Gudinova Zh.V., Zhernakova G.N., Gegechkori I.V., Tolkova E.I., Vaskovskaya Yu.S. 79-82
The impact of the chemical factor on children’s health with account of the early stages of ontogenesis PDF
Efimova N.V., Abramatets E.A., Tikhonova I.V. 83-86
Assessment of the impact of environmental factors on the morbidity rate of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in adolescents of the city of Samara PDF
Kharlamova E.N., Valtseva E.A. 87-91
Antioxidant system as a perspective direction in the assessment of the state and prognosis of population health PDF
Rakhmanov R.S., Blinova T.V., Tarasov A.V., Shumskikh D.S. 91-94
Methodological approaches to the experimental study of the impact of environmental pollution on the human body PDF
Sosedova L.M. 94-98
Mathematical modeling for conditionality of cardiovascular disease by housing conditions PDF
Meshkov N.A. 99-103

Preventive measures

Scientific and methodological approaches to the organization of the preventive care for children with respiratory diseases associated with the exposure to chemical factors PDF
Zaytseva N.V., Ustinova O.Yu., Zemlyanova M.A., Maklakova O.A. 104-107
Modern trends of preventive work in educational institutions PDF
Kuchma V.R., Milushkina O.Yu., Bokareva N.A., Skoblina N.A. 107-111
The impact of nutrient prosperity of the body on the alimentary status of junior high school pupils within the framework of the implementation of health-saving technologies PDF
Setko A.G., Trishina S.P., Timoshenko E.P. 111-114
New methodical approaches in the projection of zones of sanitary protection of water sources PDF
Fridman K.B., Romantsova V.L., Voronyuk G.I., Bashketova N.S. 115-116


Grigor'eva Yu.G., Grigor'eva O.A., Cellular communication and health. Electromagnetic environment. Radiobiology and hygiene problems. Forecast of danger PDF
, 117-118


The balance of the Work of Plenum of the Research Council on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene of the Russian Federation «Priorities of preventive health care in the sustainable development of society: state and approaches for the solution of problems» PDF
Thematic index of articles published in 2014 PDF
Authors index PDF


Jubilees PDF

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