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Scientific substantiation of hygienic criteria for sanitary-epidemiological assessment of chemical water disinfectants


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In the article there are considered the approaches to the hygienic assessment of efficacy and safety of chemical water disinfectants. On the basis of the own research of efficiency, with taking into account the reactivation of microorganisms, toxicity, impurity content, the processes of transformation of disinfectants, as well as the literature data there were developed the sanitary-epidemiological criteria for the assessment of the efficacy and safety of water disinfectants. These criteria include: the intensity of efficiency and time of exposure, the degree of universality of the action in relation to microorganisms, afteraction, lack of promoting of microorganisms tolerance, the ability to comply with the MPC after disinfection, the impact on the organoleptic properties of water, the probability of formation of hazardous transformation products in water, the presence of available and selective method for the determination in water, the possibility of neutralization, safety in use, transportation, storage.

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