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Study of cytogenetic and cytotoxic effect of non-contact electrochemically-activated waters in the five organs of rats


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For the first time the multiorgan karyological analysis of five organs of rats was appliedfor the study of the cytogenetic and cytotoxic action of the four types of non-contact electrochemically activated water in the 30-days in vivo experiment. The effects of investigated waters were not detected in bone marrow polychromatic erythrocytes. “Anolyte” (ORP= -362 mV) did not have a negative effect on rats. “Catholyte-5” (ORP= +22 mV) and “Catholyte-25” (ORP= -60 mV) induced cytogenetic abnormalities in the bladder and fore stomach. The same catholytes and “Catholyte-40” (ORP= -10 mV) changed the proliferation indices: increased the mitotic index in the fore stomach epithelium and reduced the frequency of binucleated cells in the fore stomach, bladder and lungs. The increase in the rate of cells with cytogenetic abnormalities on the background of the promotion of mitotic activity can be considered as a manifestation of the negative effect, typical for catolytes, but the effect of each out of them has its own features.

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