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Scientific substantiation of perfection of sanitary bacteriological monitoring in drinking water use


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Criterion of the epidemic safety of drinking water is the absence of pathogenic and potentially pathogenic microorganisms. Currently, water quality control is performed in terms of the index of total coliform bacteria (TCB). TCB index oriented to the labile lactose sign has not sufficient relevance in the determination of the degree of the epidemic danger in the water use in relation to Salmonella and potentially pathogenic microorganisms. The frequency of detection of GCB in standard quality of drinking water, as well as the application of the methodology for the assessment of the microbial risk of the occurrence of bacterial intestinal infections with the use of integral index - GCB, provide the most reliable prediction of risk in the occurrence of water-caused intestinal infections and more objectively reflect the epidemiological importance of drinking water in their distribution among the population. Proceeding from the data obtained, it is advisable to carry out the quality control of drinking water with the use of the broader indicator index GCB- detected from basic signs of the Enterobacteriaceae family - glucose fermentation and oxidase test

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