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Methodological approaches to the experimental study of the impact of environmental pollution on the human body


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In the materials there are presentedfeatures of methodological approaches in the performing of experimental studies concerning of the investigation of the impacts of environmentalfactors on the human body. There were shown the results of our experiments performed at the Institute, in the modeling of biological effects of antimicrobial nanobiocomposites with nanosilver particles, toxic encephalopathy, in the study of the combined effect of the factors of biological and chemical nature. There was proved the importance of intracellular proteomics in the assessment of the effects of the action of nanoparticles and nanomaterials on the body. There were revealed key parts of progredient course of mercury poisoning in the long term. The special section is presented by the study of long-term effects of anthropogenic environmentalfactors on subsequent generations. There are presented results witnessing to a deterioration of the functional state of the central nervous system in rats in the first and second generations, whose parents were exposed to neurotoxicants. There was proved the aggravating role ofprenatal hypoxia in the development of toxicity in rats in sexually mature age. Experimental biomodeling is aimed at sighting ofpathogenetically substantiated treatment and preventive measures: initially, in experimental conditions, and in the future in the rehabilitation of sick or injured patients.

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