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Vol 94, № 1 (2015)


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The organization of the preventive work in educational institutions: problems and solutions PDF
Kuchma V.R., Sokolova S.B., Rapoport I.K., Makarova A.Yu. 5-8
Urbanization - a factor that increases the risk for health PDF
Fridman K.B., Kryukova Tatyana V. 8-11

Hygiene of the environment and localities

Prevalence and routes of transmission of pyloric Helicobacter infection. (literature review) PDF
Rakhmanin Yu.A., German Serafima V. 12-15
Disparity on the grade of exposure to ecological risks in the European Region of WHO PDF
, , , , , 16-21
Substantiation of a complex of radiation-hygienic approaches to the management of very low-level waste PDF
Korenkov I.P., Lashchenova Tatyana N., Shandala N.K. 21-27
Pollution hazard for water bodies at oil production PDF
Zholdakova Zoya I., Belyaeva N.I. 28-31
The morphofunctional cellular evaluation of liver and kidney in rats in dynamics of 6-month consumption of water produced with the use of noncontact activation after electrochemical treatment PDF
Belyaeva N.N., Rakhmanin Yu.A., Mikhaylova R.I., Savostikova O.N., Gasimova Z.M., Kamenetskaya D.B., Alekseeva A.V., Vasina D.A., Ryzhova I.N. 31-36
Hazard assessment of the impact of high temperature and air pollution on public health in Moscow PDF
Revich Boris A., Shaposhnikov D.A., Avaliani S.L., Rubinshteyn K.G., Emelina S.V., Shiryaev M.V., Semutnikova E.G., Zakharova P.V., Kislova O.Yu. 36-40
Lifetime of hydrobionts Daphnia magna in a noncontact - activated water PDF
Iksanova T.I., Stekhin Anatolij A., Yakovleva G.V., Kamenetskaya D.B. 41-45
Biological denoxation of chemical pathogens in aqueous medium PDF
Globa L.I., Gvozdyak P.I. 46-50
Ecological and hygienic condition urbanized area in the geographical center of new Moscow PDF
Bogdanov N.A. 51-57
Effect of auto-road complex in the city of Surgut on air pollution and population health PDF
Vinokurova M.V., Vinokurov M.V., Voronin S.A. 57-61
Hygienic characteristics of the population’s morbidity rate associated with iodine deficiency in the Republic of Mordovia PDF
Blinov D.S., Chernova N.N., Balykova O.P., Lyapina N.V., Chugunova L.A. 61-64
Ambient air pollution in the city of Irkutsk by emissions from mobile sources (the use of the computational method) PDF
Yakovenko O.N., Kravchenko N.A. 64-68

Occupational Hygiene

Health state of aluminum industry workers in the European North of Russia PDF
Syurin Sergei A. 68-72
The influence of ergonomic characteristics of the work place on the prevalence of pain syndrome in vocational drivers PDF
Fedotova Irina V., Bobokha M.A. 72-76
Hygienic evaluation of working conditions and working process of fire rescue employees PDF
Shafran Leonid M., Nekhoroshkova Yu.V. 77-82
Character accentuations as a criterion for psychological risks in the professional activity of the builders of main gas pipelines in the conditions of Arctic PDF
Korneeva Yana A., Simonova N.N. 82-85

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Medical, educational and neurophysiological prerequisites to the formation of the motivation to exercises in students PDF
Khramtsov Peter I., Sedova A.S., Berezina N.O., Vyatleva O.A. 86-91
Main trends in children’s population health in the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
Stepanova N.V., Valeeva Emilia R. 92-97
Prevalence and medical and social importance of disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal systems in children and adolescents (review of literature) PDF
Mirskaya N.B., Kolomenskaya A.N., Sinyakina A.D. 97-104
Monitoring and prognosis of psychophysiological status and educational performance of first/second-year female medical students PDF
Trapeznikova Margarita V., Savkin V.V. 104-108

Preventive toxicology and hygienic rating

Methodological approaches to the substantiation of a harmonized mean year maximum permissible nickel concentration in ambient air PDF
Zaytseva N.V., Shur P.Z., Atiskova N.G., Sharaeva A.A., Romanenko K.V., Fokin V.A. 108-111
The content of protein regulators of apoptosis and Bcl-2 and Bad in regional lymph nodes of the liver under the influence of a magnetic field of 50 Hz PDF
Belkin Anatoly D. 112-114
Toxicity assessment of sulpiride as the basis of its hygienic standardization PDF
Martynova N.A., Gorokhova L.G. 114-117

Methods of Hygienic Studies

Scientific rationale for basic directions of the optimization of the population health in the development of municipal environmental programs PDF
Yakusheva M.Y., Astafieva O.V., Deryagina Susanna Yefremovna, Sergeeva M.B. 117-120
The informativeness of indices of the heart rate variability for the identification of the adverse effects of environmental factors on the health of adolescent girls PDF
Mylnikova Inna V., Efimova N.V. 121-124

From practical experience

Working conditions and morbidity rate in employers at the South-East Railway transport PDF
Kopeykin Nikolay F., Milyaev I.A., Danilov A.V., Tikhomirov M.S. 125-127

Jubilee Dates

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of V.A. Kaptsov PDF

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