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Lifetime of hydrobionts Daphnia magna in a noncontact - activated water


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The article is devoted to the study of the influence of non-contact activated water on the lifetime and replicative function of aquatic organisms Daphnia magna, belonging to a highly organized animal organisms. There was established the proportional relationship between the concentration of hydrogen peroxide (in the anion - radical form) and the duration of aquatic lifetime of hydrobionts. In a non contact activated water media with values of redox - potential (Eh) ~ 130mV (against Eh = 213mV - in the control) the lifetime of hydrobionts Daphnia magna is shown to increase in average up to 9 days and reaches 34 days (as 25 days in the control). Replicative function activated in the aquatic environment does not change, but there was noted a delay in the time of dropping by 7 days in average. Noted regularities in the change in the lifetime of aquatic organisms Daphnia magna in aquatic activated environments are interpreted on the basis of the dependence of the proliferative activity of cells on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in water. The obtained data on lifetime of Daphnia magna in activated electron - donor environments can serve as proof of the hygienic safety and biological activity ofphysically - activated (non-contact) drinking water.

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