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Assessment of the quality of drinking water and risk for the population’s health in rural territories in the Irkutsk region


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The hygienic analysis of centralized and decentralized water supply in rural population in Irkutsk region was performed. About 403 thousand of the upstaters use water wells, voids and springs. In drinking water there were detected significant concentrations of iron, nitrates, manganese. On the base of the application of risk assessment methodology there was calculated noncarcinogenic risk for adults (HI=1.2-1.3) and children (HI=1.1-2.9). Carcinogenic risk for water from groundwater sources supply is 1,56*10 -2,1*10 for 22.2 thousand of upstaters. There were determined priority carcinogenic ingredients: arsenic (contribution is 56,3-100%) and hexad chromium (contribution is 29,9-35,8%).

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