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Features of the immune genetic parameters in workers in non-ferrous metal industry


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There was performed a comparative analysis of immunogenetic indices in non-ferrous metallurgy employees under the exposure to different combinations of harmful occupational factors. The combined effect of chlorine and vanadium fumes, noise, overall vibration appeared to be associated with the gene polymorphism of cytokine regulation - VEGF and TNF (p <0,05). In workers the combination of factors such as dust containing silicon dioxide, noise, elevated environmental thermal load was associated with cytochrome p450 gene polymorphism, allele variation of which is formed owing to the homozygous genotype.. At the same time there was observed an excess production of specific antibodies to vanadium and silicon, significantly differed from that of the indices in the reference group. There are proposed genetic (CYP1A1, VEGF, TNFalfa) and immunological (IgG to vanadium and silicon) indices as markers of susceptibility and effect in health risk assessment of different combinations of harmful occupational factors, which will allow to increase the availability of laboratory control during surveillance activities at the objects.

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