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Hygienic diagnosis - a key element in the healthprevention technologies for the population residing in conditions of higher chemical load


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This article is devoted to the review of methods and technologies of hygienic diagnostics implemented in the frameworks of the regional system of socio-hygienic monitoring for the Sverdlovsk Region for the purposes of the management of the quality of environment and the state of the population’s health. Under conditions of impossibility to take immediate performance of radical technological and technical measures mitigating adverse effects of industries and road transport on the living environment and due to limitation of financial expenses, the proposed algorithm of actions helps to establish priority factors, environmental objects, and routes of exposure, evaluate predicted values of a multiple environmental assessment of health risk, specify dose-response relations in environmental epidemiological studies, substantiate the choice of the most susceptible groups of population, for which the implementation of targeted rehabilitation gives the significant medical and economic efficiency.

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