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Vol 94, № 3 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Problem Solving Articles

Actual problems of hygiene science and practice in the preservation of Public health PDF
Onishchenko G.G. 5-9

Hygiene of the environment and localities

Physical environmental factors in the ecology of the brain PDF
Shandala M.G. 10-14
On prevention of cystic echinococcosis in the Republic of Bashkortostan PDF
Lukmanov M.I., Nartaylakov M.A., Zulkarnaev T.R., Gabdrakhimov S.R., Lukmanova G.I. 15-17
The dynamics of the morbidity rate of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in the population of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny PDF
Leontev V.V. 18-23
Evaluation of the air pollution health risk for the population of the city of Ufa PDF
Chuenkova G.A., Karelin A.O., Askarov R.A., Askarova Z.F. 24-29
Health Losses due to myocardial infarction caused by anthropogenic air pollution of the industrial center PDF
Artamonova G.V., Maksimov S.A., Tabakaev M.V., Shapovalova E.B. 30-34
Hygienic conditions of the internal environment of silvinite chambers of various modifications PDF
Barannikov V.G., Kirichenko L.V., Rusanova E.A., Dementev S.V., Vaysman Ya.I. 34-37
Air pollutions as a risk factor for the population health in Kazan city PDF
Tafeeva E.A., Ivanov A.V., Titova A.A., Akhmetzyanova I.F. 37-40

Occupational Hygiene

Deontological issues in railway hygiene PDF
Kaptsov V.A. 40-43
Effect of shifts work on a rotational basis change in the nature of work on the health of workers PDF
Chernikova E.F. 44-48
Influence of environment factors on the morbidity rate with temporary disability of working in oil refinery workers PDF
Kharlashova N.V., Chebotarev P.A. 48-52
Health status of electrotechnical personnel exposed to the combined impact of electromagnetic fields of 50 Hz and chemicals PDF
Rusin M.N., Amirov N.Kh., Sibgatullin A.S., Krasnoshchekova V.N. 52-55
Plutonium and reduced life expectancy for professionals PDF
Telnov Vitaliy I. 56-60
Hygienic assessment of working conditions in modern petrochemical industry PDF
Badamshina G.G., Karimova L.K., Timasheva G.V. 60-63
Microclimate condition in subway cars in the summer period of the year PDF
Leksin A.G., Evlampieva M.N., Timoshenkova E.V., Morgunov A.V., Kaptsov V.A. 63-66

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

The study of the severity of exam stress and factors which determine it in older schoolchildren PDF
Bobrisheva-Pushkina N.D., Kuznetsova L.Yu., Popova O.L., Silaev A.A. 67-69
Study of the influence of mineral fertilizers on the neonatal morbidity rate PDF
Verzilina I.N., Churnosov M.I., Evdokimov V.I. 70-73
The state of hemodynamic indices in children-first grader pupils during the period of adaptation to school PDF
Evert L.S., Potupchik T.V., Panicheva E.S., Averyanova O.V. 73-76
Assessment of the quality of information on the health of children in Russia: interregional comparisons and classification PDF
Gudinova Zh.V., Zhernakova G.N., Bolotova S.S., Gegechkori I.V. 77-82
Modern trends in the physical development and the state of the cardiovascular system in young men of the city of Magadan PDF
Sukhanova I.V., Maksimov A.L. 83-86
The dynamics of anthropometric indices in newborns in the city of Nizhnevartovsk PDF
Tupitsyna L.S. 87-92

Nutrition hygiene

Evaluation of food contamination in the Republic of Buryatia PDF
Efimova N.V., Tarmaeva I.Yu., Bogdanova O.G. 93-96

Experimental investigations

Keeping the electron-donor properties of drinking water PDF
Gibert K.K., Stekhin A.A., Yakovleva G.V., Sulina Yu.S. 97-100
Directionality of the biological effect of drinking water PDF
Gibert K.K., Karasev A.K., Marasanov A.V., Stekhin A.A., Yakovleva G.V. 101-105

Preventive toxicology and hygienic rating

Evaluation of the cytogenetic and mutagen-modifying activity of caffeine in mouse bone marrow cells PDF
Durnev A.D., Kulakova A.V., Zhanataev A.K., Oganesyants L.A. 106-110

Methods of Hygienic Studies

Development and validation of a gas chromatographic method for the determination of organic cyanide (acrylonitrile) in exhaled air PDF
Zaytseva N.V., Ulanova T.S., Nurislamova T.V., Popova N.A., Mal'tseva O.A. 111-116
Assessment of performance in students with different types of the nervous system with the use of the developed software for PC “Tapping-test” PDF
Shumskikh D.S., Rakhmanov R.S., Orlov A.L. 116-119
Methodology of the assessment of the impact of air pollution on the formation of levels of overall morbidity rate of bronchial asthma PDF
Veremchuk L.V., Cherpak N.A., Gvozdenko T.A., Volkova M.V. 119-122

Book review

Review on the book: Grigoreva Yu.G., Grigorieva O.A. “Mobile Communications and health. Electromagnetic environment. Radiobiological and hygiene problems. Forecast for the danger” PDF
, 122-123

Important Events and Remarkable Dates

Sanitary maintenance of troops and civilians in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (on the 70 anniversary of the Great Victory) PDF
Knopov M.Sh., Taranukha V.K. 124-126
Anniversary Dates in the History of Hygiene and Sanitation in 2015 PDF

Jubilee Dates

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of K.I. Akulov PDF
On the occasion ofthe 105th anniversary ofthe birth of T.A. Nikolaeva PDF

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