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Vol 94, № 4 (2015)


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Table of Contents

Problem Solving articles

Problems of contemporary hygiene PDF
Rakitskii V.N. 4-7
Hygiene problems of organization of education in profile classes in colleges PDF
Kuchma V.R., Shubochkina Evgeniya I., Ibragimova E.M. 8-10

Hygiene of the environment and localities

Study of the impact of atmospheric pollutants on morbidity in pregnancy in the Belgorod region PDF
Verzilina I.N., Churnosov M.I., Evdokimov V.I. 11-14
Assessment of the impact of air pollution on population morbidity rate in the Vladimir region PDF
Trifonova T.A., Martsev A.A. 14-18
Irradiation levels for preschool children due to indoor radon PDF
Pavlenko T.A., Kostenetskiy M.I., Kutsak A.V., Sevalnev A.I., Aksenov N.V., Frizyuk M.A. 18-21
Hygienic evaluation of the delivery of physiologically wholesome drinking water to the population of St. Petersburg PDF
Yakubova I.Sh., Mel’tser A.V., Erastova N.V., Bazilevskaya E.M. 21-25
Modern advanced technology for disinfection of water and wastewater runoffs PDF
Arakcheev Eugene N. , Brunman V.E., Brunman M.V., Volkov A.N., Dyachenko V.A., Kochetkov A.V., Petkova A.P. 25-31
Hygienic estimation of subsoil water for public drinking water supply of the city of Orel PDF
Kanatnikova N.V., Egorova N.A., Zakharchenko G.L. 32-35

Occupational Hygiene

The state of the main life support systems in motormen in dependence on the conditions and factors of train operation PDF
Kaptsov V.A., Kuzmin V.A. 36-39
Risk factors of health disorders in railway security force workers PDF
Anishchenko E.B., Trankovskaya L.V., Kovalchuk V.K. 39-44
Impact of labour activity factors on sodium level in saliva of firefighters PDF
Kolycheva I.V., Rychagova O.A., Lizarev A.V. 44-47

Nutrition hygiene

Effects of Fe2+ on the adipokine regulation and extent of oxidative stress PDF
Gumarova Zhannat Zhanbulatovna, Lebedeva E.N., Krasikov S.I., Borshchuk E.L., Karmanova D.S., Chesnokova L.A., Iskakov A.G. 48-51
Hygienic assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons content and estimation of their intake with food by the population PDF
Opopol N.I., Syrku R.F., Pynzaru Yu.V., Bogdevich O.P., Kadochnikov O.P. 52-56

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Investigation of the impact of conditions and the organization of education on the indices of performance and health of students PDF
Minnibaev Talgat Sh., Melnichenko P.I., Prokhorov N.I., Timoshenko K.T., Arkhangelskiy V.I., Goncharova G.A., Mishina S.A., Shashina E.A. 57-60
Formation of the attitude to health culture in schoolchildren by means of the introduction of medical and hygienic program into the educational process PDF
Soboleva L.G., Sharshakova T.M., Tarasenko A.A. 61-64
Age dynamics of morphofunctional alteration in young Europeans born in Magadan region PDF
Sukhanova I.V., Maksimov A.L., Vdovenko S.I. 65-70
Regional features of the morbidity rate in adolescents in the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
Valeeva E.R., Stepanova N.V., Makhmutova E.R. 70-72
Hygienic substantiation of application of potassium salts for the optimization of the performance of students PDF
Barannikov V.G., Kirichenko L.V., Sidorova D.A. 73-76

Important Events and Remarkable Dates

History of the erection of the first in Russia Orekhovo-Zuevskaya sanitary-epidemiological station (city and district) PDF
Sergeev M.Yu. 77-78

Jubilee Dates

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the birth of Yuriy Yur'evich Eliseev PDF

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