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Irradiation levels for preschool children due to indoor radon


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The article is devoted to the study of e levels of radon-222 in the indoor air of homes and children’s preschool institutions. Measurements of radon-222 were performed by means of passive track radonometry. In total there were examined 693 residential buildings and 221 children’s preschool institution. The geometric mean value of the equivalent equilibrium volume activity (EEVA) of radon-222 in a residential area was established to be 46 Bq*w . Geometric mean radon EEVA-222 in the indoor air of children’spreschool institutions was 185 Bq*w . Considerable variability in radon levels has been established. The analysis of the measurements allowed us to determine the range ofpossible effective doses of irradiation of children due to radon-222, which is estimated by values from 4,3 mSv*yr to 9,7 mSv*yr . In this case, the average annual dose of irradiation in children’s preschool institutions was 3,6 mSv*yr , and in residential areas - 2,8 mSv*yr . Based on the results of the performed work, the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Zaporozhye region has developed a set of antiradon measures aimed at the reduction of radon-222 content in children’s preschool institutions.

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