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Hygienic estimation of subsoil water for public drinking water supply of the city of Orel


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The results of hygienic evaluation of the quality of drinking water of the city Orel from underground water sources in the period from 2007 to 2012 are given. The total iron, turbidity and total hardness were established to be main indices for which exceedances of drinking water quality hygienic standards took place. Significant, up to 2 or more orders, fluctuations in the concentrations of iron (0.01-1.2 mg/l) and turbidity (0.058 mg/l) levels under relatively small differences in values of total hardness (6.4-13.6 mg-eqv/l) are noted. Water turbidity on 46-76% was determined by concentrations of total iron. Exceedances in hygienic standards of turbidity in drinking water of the city Orel were not accompanied by violations of water quality for microbiological indicators.

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