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Risk factors of health disorders in railway security force workers


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To work out measures aimed at the decline in morbidity rate in railway security force workers (RSFW), there was performed complex hygienic assessment of working environment, that allowed to reveal adverse occupational factors: chemical, in-plant noise, general vibration, outdoor microclimate parameters in the cold period of the year, artificial illumination indices and labor-intensive working process. In workers of personnel pool (shots, service canine handlers) there were determined 3 class, level 2-3 hazardous work conditions, in managerial personnel - level 1-2 hazardous work conditions. At the same time, considerably higher of morbidity rate with temporary disability rates (MTD) in shots and service canine handlers have been determined. Occupational conditionality for respiratory organs disorders (class X of ICD - 10) in shots and service canine handlers, circulatory system disorders (class IX ICD - 10) in managerial personnel have been proved. There were established reliable correlation relationships between MTD rates (disorder multiplicity, total average duration of temporary disability of the patient, case average duration of the sickness temporary disability) and potential occupational and non-occupational risk factors for health disorders in employees of the personal pool of security force workers. The specific weight of the impact of identified risk factors for health disorders impact on the MTD level has been established.

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