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Impact of labour activity factors on sodium level in saliva of firefighters


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The working conditions of the fire fighters were found to refer to the 4 (Extreme) Class and correlate to the exposure to the wide spectrum of toxic substances capable to give rise to intoxications or significant alterations in health state in firefighters with the higher emotional exertions and physical loads, as well as the high rate of work and other harmful factors. There were studied features of changes in the response of sodium excretory function of the salivary glands in the firefighters during the process of working activity and in the dependence on the experience working period in extreme conditions. The assessment of the grade of body adaptation in the regime of the working and the rest is given on the base of the analysis of the daily chronorhythm of sodium excretion. There were established relationships between the saliva sodium level in firefighters and the indices of the sympathoadrenal, thyroid and hypophyseal-adrenal systems.

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