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Effects of Fe2+ on the adipokine regulation and extent of oxidative stress


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There has been studied the impact of low concentrations of iron in drinking water and a diet with a high fat content on the intensity of lipid peroxidation (LPO) and adipokine regulation in the experiment. The diet with high content of saturated fat leads to the appearance of signs of inflammation in adipose tissue, and activation of LPO. Intake of Fe2+ with drinking water in concentration significantly lower than maximum allowable concentrations gives rise to the gain in body weight and epididimal fat only at the young growing animals, at that this process is preceded by the high concentration of leptin, TNF andMDA. Introduction of Fe2+ with drinking water in the same concentration along with a diet with the raised content of saturatedfat isn't followed by the pronounced inflammatory response and an oxidative stress in adult animals unlike the growing animals. The obtained data concerning the interrelationship of an oxidative stress, changes of adipokine regulation, presence of the signs reflecting an inflammation in adipose tissue which are especially manifesting at the young age are very important for the clarification ofpathogenesis of obesity in developmental aspect and demand further studying.

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