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On the concept of «population load» (review)


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The concept ofpopulation load may be useful for the assessment of the impact of xenobiotics. In the second half of the twentieth century there was a qualitative change in the nature of the pollution of the biosphere for the dissemination of global and eternal pollutants. For the first time of the existence of mankind background radioactivity on the earth's surface began to increase. In the blood and urine of any person today one can detect hundreds of alien substances. Genetic load increases due to the accumulation of small mutations, but this gain is compensated by the improvement of living conditions and advances in medicine. The principal difficulty of separating genetic and epi-genetic component in a ecologically dependent impairments makes theoretically attractive term “genetic load” to be difficult to apply. There is proposed the concept of "population load" for the total of genetic and epi-genetic changes in ontogeneses in populations under the influence offactors of environment pollution. There are discussed possible indices of the gain of population load.

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