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Approaches to assessment and leading trends of the prevention of the negative impact of the complex of factors of diet and lifestyle on public health


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In the paper there are considered the main results of sanitary and epidemiological studies of the structure of nutrition, food safety, environmental factors, lifestyle, quality of life in Siberia population, conducted in 2001-2014 with the participation of more than 15 thousand respondents. There are highlighted two major problems in the structure of nutrition in citizens of the Russian Federation in 2000s: mass distribution (epidemic) of hypovitaminosis and microelementoses, fat imbalance. There are suggested approaches to the assessment of the impact of the complex of natural and social environment factors on the human health. There are substantiated leading directions for the prevention of losses of nutrition-related diseases. These include: the improvement of the surveillance of the population nutrition (its integration into the system of social and hygienic monitoring), the implementation of educational programs for different groups of the population - the enrichment of products of mass consumption and the use of biologically active supplements, nutraceuticals. Under conditions of the shortage of health care resources there is justified priority application of the measures, the effectiveness of which is substantiatedfrom the standpoint of reliably evidence-based medicine. There are presented results of evaluation of the effectiveness of educational experiences in terms of the formation of knowledge and skills of building a diet of healthy food in school children, students and adults unorganized population. There are posturized suggestions on the content of the national population nutrition surveillance system.

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