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Influence of 12-month consumption of water obtained by means of noncontact activation after electrochemical treatment on morphofunctional indices of cells of liver, kidney and colon in rats


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There was in vestigated the influence of 12 - months consumption of water after non-contact activation on morphofunctional indices of liver, kidney and colon in male outbred rats. There were studied 4 experimental groups of animals which consumed obtained waters with conventional names "Аnolyte" and, depending on the time of the activation - 3 types of Catholyte water (“Catholyte - 5”, “Catholyte - 25”, “Catholyte - 40”). Moscow tap water settled during the week served as control. 12-month consumption of water after non-contact activation was shown to fail to bring about the deterioration of colon under consumption of the all considered waters, but in liver and kidney - under the consumption of "Catholyte-40", whereas the consumption of water "Anolyte", "Catholyte-25" and "Catholyte-40" gave rise to the damage of these organs, the most pronounced in the exposure to water "Catholyte-40". Mentioned changes in the liver and kidney exposed to water "Anolyte", "Catholyte-25" and "Catholyte-40" testify to that in conditions of this experience there was happened the contactless structural change in these waters.

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