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Indices of chemical composition of water from Karachunovsky reservoir of the urbanization zone of the Krivoy Rog Region


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Water quality in Karachunovskyi reservoir as a source of surface water supply of the population in Krivoy Rog zone of urbanization is referred to "class 4" (by levels of annual indices of ammonium nitrogen, nitrites); in some years of observation to "3 class" according to the content of heavy metals (Mo, Mg, Cd); to "class 2" according to the content of (Ni, Zn, Fe, Cu); to "class 1" - according to the content of Pb, F, Cr, phenols, synthetic detergents). There was noted the increase in the dynamics of the content of ammonium nitrogen against the background of the decline of nitrate nitrogen that strongly suggests to the deterioration of the ability of Karachunovskyi reservoir to the self-cleaning over the period of2008-2012.

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