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State of certain water bodies in the Republic of Armenia


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Among different sectors of economy, agriculture is one of significant sources of environmental contamination, including surface waters as well. Pesticides, surfactants as their components, fertilizers pass into water in significant quantities from agricultural run-offs, industrial wastewater, etc. Armenia is not rich in water resources, and in such conditions the use of open water basins (rivers, ponds, reservoirs) for drinking purposes in future becomes to be probable and predicted. In the republic agriculture continues to develop, that leads to an increase of volumes of the use of crop protection chemicals, fertilizers. Mentioned tendency of increasing of application of chemicals in conditions of limitations of water resources makes questions of studying the state of the environment, including open water bodies to be important. In some regions of Armenia there were studied levels of contamination of some water bodies with chlororganic compounds (y-hexachlorocyclohexane, y-HCH, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, DDT, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, DDE, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethanorganochlorines , DDD), surfactants, salts of certain metals, the state of mutagenic background of areas close to open water bodies. Investigations were performed by way of the study of the pollen sterility of wild plants, the mitotic activity ofmeristematic cells of Allium cepa Z root, grown in water samples studied. Comparative analysis of the state of studied water bodies showed that organochlorines were determined with almost the same frequency and at close levels. However, the levels of detection of separate organochlorine pesticides (y-HCH, DDT) in samples of Kasakh river water and water of irrigation canals of Aragatsotn Marz (Province) and also Ararat and Armavir (Ararat valley) were slightly higher. According to the obtained results of the study of mutagenic background, there was mapped a definite link between the level of organochlorine pesticides and mitotic activity. At the same time the highest levels of contamination were observed on sections crossing towns and agricultural areas.

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