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Ecological and sanitary characteristics of the copper pyrite quarry (Baymak Region, The Republic of Bashkortostan)


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Copper pyrite quarries studied in Bashkirskoye Zauralye are known as problem objects of the region. It was found that in semiselectively open-pit ores laying on the surface of the dumps there are often toxic soils - toxic lithostrates, unfavorable in many respects due to association with strongly acidic reaction of the environment medium because of weathering of sulfur-containing minerals. Reclamation of dumps partially solves this problem. However, soil formation on the dumps is almost not expressed, sometimes it is manifested in the formation of the under-developed humus horizons of small power. The biological activity of the soil is low, due to the underdevelopment of the microbial community, it concerns even reclaimed soils. The content of heavy metals (mobile and total forms) does not exceed the levels of maximum allowable concentration adopted in the Russian Federation. This is due to the low accumulative and sorption capacity of the newly formed soil.

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