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“Ready for Labor and Defense-2014” as a new index of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of children and adolescents in Russian Federation


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In the article there are presented results of the analysis of the legal framework of All-Russian of the physical and sports complex "Ready for Labor and Defense" (RLD) of 1972 and 2014, an array of other documents and research results in the field of health. Comparative evaluation of standards RLD in 1972 and 2014 for adolescents aged of 14 years and boys of 17 years showed a complication of hitting qualifying standards RLD in relation to requirements for endurance, strength, speed of swimming. In view of the significant deterioration in health and physical fitness of the population in Russia, especially children, there is recommended the participation of hygienists in the improvement of the regulatory and methodological maintenance of the complex, correction of standards ofRLD, programs of additional professional education of teachers, health workers and organizers of physical and recreation activities in the preparation of citizens to performance of RLD, and also the development of the section of monitoring of the state of physical health, physical development of children, adolescents and young adults within the social -hygienw monitoring, the need for hygienic regulation of centers for testing RLD.

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