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Hygiene of children and adolescents as part of preventive medicine


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A significant contribution to the solution of problems of protection and promotion of health of the younger generation is contributed by hygiene of children and adolescents. Aim of the study: to substantiate the content and priorities of the theoretical and applied research of hygiene of children and teenagers in modern conditions. Tasks of the study: to present main trends in the change of the state of health of children and adolescents; analysis of medical research platform "Preventive environment"; to establish leading risk factors in children and adolescents for chronic non-infectious and school-stipulated diseases in modern conditions; identify priorities for practical actions in hygiene teenage children. The work is an analytical study, in which there were analyzed data on the state of health of the younger generation, the content of the scientific platform of medical science "Preventive environment", the state of science and hygiene practices. Over the past 20 years in schoolchildren there was occurred the gain in prevalence of morphological and functional abnormalities and chronic diseases. The structure of the pathology of teenagers to a certain degree corresponds to the pathology that determines the high mortality rates of the adult population of the country and just on the prevention of this disease there was directed the concept of Russian Ministry of Health about the formation of a unified preventive environment. The main components of the unified preventive environment are promoting a healthy lifestyle and large-scale preventive measures, the total contribution into the integral indicator of the health accounts for at least 50%. The aim of the scientific platform of medical science "Preventive environment" is a scientific substantiation and development of a modern and efficient system of formation of preventive space and provision of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of children and adolescents in the process of life activity. A negative role in the formation of adolescent health during intense sessions is played by noncompliance of the day regimen, deficient in time walking outdoors and night sleep, poor organization of home employment, leisure. Hygiene of children and adolescents as part ofpreventive medicine, from the factor evaluation and regulation of conditions and regimens of training and education, children's items came over to the system evaluation and regulation of life activity of children in all its diversity with the use of all the latest achievements of civilization and advanced technologies of prevention of most common diseases in children and adolescents, protection and promotion of health of the younger generation.

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