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The study of the impact of six-month non-contact electrochemically activated water in rats with the use of multi-organ karyological test


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There was performed a study offour types of non-contact electrochemically activated water (NAW) with different oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in 6-month experiment in vivo with multi-organ karyological test. There were investigated biomarkers of cytogenetic and cytotoxic effects on the cells of the bone marrow, rumen, colon, bladder and lung. There was made a comparison with the Moscow tap water (ORP +335 mV). There were noted deviations in cell indices from the control under the influence of all investigated NAWs. Among the most significant changes it should be noted the cytogenetic effect of "Anolyte" (ORP +362 mV) and "Catholyte-5" (ORP +22 mV) in the epithelium of the target organ - rumen, identified from the increase in the frequency of cells with the protrusion of the nucleus. There was noted an increase in the frequency of binucleated cells in the bladder ("Catholyte-5") and lungs ("Catholyte-25", ORP -10 mV, ORP), a decrease in the mitotic index in the epithelial cells of the colon ("Catholyte-25").

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