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Psychosocial problems of the family and the teacher as modifiers of the children’s genomic instability in Russian industrial towns


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In the article there were analyzed results of 2 multifactorial studies of 286 families with children of preschool and younger school age residing in Russian industrial towns. Complex of indices of children’s genomic instability was determined in micronucleus test in venous blood lymphocytes cultivated with Cytochalasin B. The complex of psychosocial and economic factors, as well the quality and style of life both offamilies and teachers had been evaluated with the use of standard psychological scales and specially developed questionnaire. The obtained data show the essential relationship between the majority of the studied psychological and social factors with the extent of children’s genomic instability in children’s blood lymphocytes and, therefore, prove the necessity of change both of the existing paradigm offamily preschool and school upbringing of children, and also systems of training ofpools of teachers.

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