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The prevalence of male infertility in residents living in conditions of the pollution of the environment by organochlorine pesticides


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In the article there are presented results of the study of the impact of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) on the development of male infertility. These data were obtained by carrying out epidemiological analysis of semen samples in 1211 patients with male infertility, and 61 patients (main group) and 51 (control) on the content of organochlorine pesticides: HCH isomers, DDT, DDE, DDD, aldrin and dieldrin. In conditions of the Osh region a high prevalence, exceeding 2-3 times indices in environmentally sound zones was revealed in men living in cotton growing, i. e. OCP contaminated areas as well near the former warehouses of toxic chemical as agro-air -grounds and contacting with OCPs. The primary male infertility was 10% higher than those values of the residents of ecologically sound zones. Organochlorine pesticides of sperm in male infertility patients were identified in 75.4% versus 4.3% in control.

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