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Ecological and hygienic aspects of the distribution of oncological diseases in Primorsky Krai


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On the base of the methodology of systematic review there was performed an evaluation of the occurrence of cancer pathology in multifactor impact of the environment for the period of2000-2013. There was described the formula for the index of the integral action. The application of information and entropy analysis allowed to select modules of the environment which influence on the level of cancer pathology. Grouped factors were compared with rates of cancer pathology: incidence (first revealed), morbidity and mortality. Out of general indices of cancer pathology in the total territory of Primorsky Krai morbidity and mortality are most associated with the exposure to environmental factors, at the same time it was revealed that in the structure of the general indices the most influence on the incidence is exerted by hygienic module (in cities the share of the impact on the incidence is 52,8%, on morbidity - 54.0% and mortality - 55.3%) and socio-economic unit. The environmental dependence of the spread of cancer in Primorsky Krai was established to be related with the comprehensive impact of the environment, characterized by a complex mechanism of inter-factor relations, different in character functional links. There was established a direct correlation dependence between zones of ecological exertion and the level ofpopulation morbidity rate of lung cancer, stomach, skin tumors, colon cancer, oncourological disease (cancer of the bladder and kidneys). In the total characteristics of the occurrence of malignant tumors in cities the oncological pathology is more influenced by the module offactors associated with anthropogenic impact and the module of factors that characterize the social infrastructure, in the regions - there is notable the impact of the module of environmental factors. The extent of the influence of the factor modules on indices of cancer pathology of various forms of localization was shown to have differently directed character. The obtained results were used in the development of an comprehensive regional program "Oncology".

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